The Millennial Mastery Corporate Workshop

Learn the 8 Management Secrets of Millennial-Winning Companies in this Engaging Workshop for Your Management Team

Chris’ insight is invaluable to the modern business leader.

– Sherri Nadeau, former VP of HR, Sony Pictures International


How much did Millennial turnover cost your company last year? $200,000? More?

Are you effortlessly hiring, retaining, and maximizing the productivity of top talent Millennials? If not, this workshop is for you. Even in 2018, only 8 percent of companies are effectively managing Millennials to their full potential. I call these companies “Millennial Magnets”, and carefully study their secrets, tactics, and best practices with Millennials.

Learn their 8 secrets in this engaging and actionable workshop for you and your management team, as your company’s leadership become Millennial Experts themselves.

Length: 3 hours

Takeaways: Your management team will learn “Magnet Tactics” like…

  • The Magnet leaders’ exercise for inspiring Millennials in just 15 minutes per month
  • The #1 reason Millennials quit, and exact steps to preventing it
  • The 3-point system for delivering feedback to Millennials for continuous growth and performance
  • Trust-building exercises for reducing turnover
  • How to identify and remove online “red flags” for improved recruitment
  • The 30-minute exercise to attract Millennials better than 87% of companies online
  • And much more!

Bonuses: I’m invested in helping you hire, retain, and engage great Millennial talent, so your workshop will also include:

  • 2 hours of 1-1 coaching time usable within 6 months of the workshop
  • A 1-hour Glassdoor Mastery session with an HR representative to improve the company’s online image to Millennials
  • A custom-tailored eBook with your letterhead entitled “[your company]: Tips on Managing Millennials”

Next Steps: Comments? Questions? Drop me a line below.