“Secret Sauce” Executive Package

Chris offers a holistic solution to senior business leaders to revolutionize how they manage young generations in their top performing organizations

Chris’ insight is invaluable to the modern business leader.

– Sherri Nadeau, former VP of HR, Sony Pictures International


How much did Millennial turnover cost your company last year?

How would your company change if you and your senior leaders knew the “Secret Sauce” to attracting, engaging, and retaining Millennials and Generation Z?

The “Secret Sauce” Package delivers these results in a three-sequence program*:

  1. The High-Impact Keynote. Chris will deliver his top-selling keynote, 9 Secrets to Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining Millennials and Generation Z to arm your leaders with the signature “Secret Sauce.”
  2. The Action-Oriented Breakout. Chris will follow-up with a 1-hour breakout session to answer your team’s questions, help them develop tailored action steps, and ensure the groundwork for positive change.
  3. Dedicated 1-1 Coaching. Through a private coaching session, Chris will ensure that you become the “Sauce Boss,” learning proven techniques of the world’s top executives for mastering young talent.
*These programs can each be scheduled at the date and time of your convenience

For pricing and availability, please contact Business Manager Kerry Strollo: Kerry@strollo.net or (781-369-5946)

Chris Delivering the “Secret Sauce” to a Company in Atlanta, GA


Chris with Vodafone Turkey CEO Colman Deegan