Chris turns everybody in the room into a Millennial Expert

Chris wowed the conference attendees with an amazing opening keynote full of strong data, entertaining anecdotes, and clear advice. He’s highly bookable.

– Ferhat Demir, Organizer, Global Chief Innovation Officer’s Summit


Chris delivered an impressive speech about how to make the company a magnet for Millennials. I received very positive feedback from top managementabout his content as well his authenticity in presenting.

– Levent Gemici, Director of Business Development, Vodafone


Chris’ presentation to my staff was engaging, enjoyable, and highly actionable.

– David Howenstein, Founder and Director, JAMBO International



Millennial Keynote Speaker Chris Butsch

First off, thanks for visiting my speaking page. Speaking to help people is my #1 passion, even before writing, so I’m thrilled that you’re here.

I deliver keynotes where afterwards the CEO runs up and kisses me on the cheek. Yes, this has happened, and it’s become my goal for every speech since!

The reason my speeches win audiences is because I positively load them with humor, data, and anecdotes, all to support immediately-implementable advice.

Where I’ve spoken:

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Most Requested Talks

Become a Millennial Magnet: 8 Free and Immediate Ways to Maximize Millennial Recruitment, Retention, and Productivity

  • With a network of 1000+ Millennial “Spies” in  companies with an uncanny ability to win Millennials, Chris collects secret best practices you won’t learn anywhere else about mastering his generation as employees and consumers. Chris shares these secrets, and how any business leader can implement them this week, in this entertaining, data-driven, and highly-actionable speech.
  • Favored by: Management and Executive Teams, Business Conferences
  • Audience Takeaway: exact ways to boost Millennial recruitment, retention, and productivity in any workspace

How to Be Happier: The Science and Secrets of a Passionate, Fulfilling Life.

  • Inspired by Chris’ best-selling book. Full of fascinating science, history, hilarious anecdotes from around the world, and actionable advice, this talk teaches audiences how to become 30% happier for the rest of their lives. Happy employees are 15% more productive and 20% less likely to quit, so if Chris’ speech convinces just 1 employee to stay, the talk has paid for itself 10 times over.
  • Favored by: High Schools, Colleges, Companies with 30% or More Employees Under 30.
  • Audience Outcome: exact ways to become happier and more focused at work or school

Light the Gen-Y Fire: Exact Methods for Inspiring Millennials to Innovate for Your Business

  • Without innovation from the next generation of workers, companies will lose their competitive edge. But how do you inspire Millennials to innovate? How do you harness that entrepreneurial spirit of this unique generation? Sharing secrets of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and the most innovative companies in the world, Chris shares the precise, step-by-step process for converting a raw Millennial workforce into a driven, innovating machine.
  • Favored by: Startup Conferences, Innovation Conferences, and Entrepreneurship Conferences
  • Audience Outcome: exact ways to inspire a young workforce into innovating for a business

Media from Recent Talks

Internal poster created by Anadolu Efes, a Turkish beer company, to promote my happiness keynote


Delivering said keynote in a movie theater in Istanbul, Turkey


Vodafone’s top management team after “These Damn Millennials” keynote


Delivering a guest lecture on Millennial psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA


Sharing my journey and recent discoveries on Women’s Broadcast Television Network


Delivering a happiness speech in “uwabaki” slippers to Jambo International in Tokyo, Japan


Selfie skills are a work-in-progress


Teaching the Hebrew Order of David International how to remove their “digital scarecrows” that scares off Millennials from businesses like theirs


Demistifying Millennials for the VISTAGE Women’s Group

Cut and Paste Bios for Event Planners

140 Characters: Chris Butsch is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, and globally-recognized authority on happily working with Millennials (b. 1982-2000).

Long Form: Chris Butsch is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, and globally-recognized authority on the Millennial generation. Known for his storytelling ability, high-energy stage presence, and immediately-actionable advice, Chris sheds light on the world’s most unique generation.

In 2014, at age 24, Chris was diagnosed with clinical depression. Learning many of his fellow Millennials (b. 1982-2000) suffered from the same state, he quit his job to study happines and the Millennial condition. Traveling the world, he interviewed hundreds of pyschologists, monks, millionaires, and Millennials in 31 countries, eventually publishing his findings in his first, best-selling book, The Millennial’s Guide to Making Happiness.

In 2017 he shifted focus to address the rift between Baby Boomers (b. 1946-1964) and Millennials in the workforce. Having establishing a network of 1000+ Millennial “spies” in companies with an uncanny ability to attract Millennials, he began discovering top strategies companies use to recruit, retain, and optimize Millennials.

By focusing on proven strategies, implementable within days, and typically free, Chris has been called “The Millennial Tony Robbins.”