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Chris helps students and staff focus, re-engage, and crush apathy using proven positive psychology

Chris delivering “Positive Psychology for Peak Performance” at Emory University


Chris debriefing with students of Folk High School in Kalix, Sweden


Speaking Programs


Positive Psychology for Peak Performance

Students and staff learn 5 positive psychology secrets to re-engage, re-energize, and take back control of their happiness at school and in life.


  1. Chris’s 7-step system for measuring and improving happiness and well-being on a daily basis
  2. 5 “Positive Interventions”: simple, science-backed activities for increasing long-term happiness
  3. The “FLOWmula”: the secret to getting “in the zone” for enhanced performance in sports and schoolwork


Students and staff learn 3 mindfulness techniques for increasing calm, focus, creativity, compassion, and productivity

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  1. Exactly how meditation affects the brain and its 4 benefits for students and staff
  2. A 90-second exercise for significantly reducing stress between class periods
  3. Chris’s tailored 10-minute exercise for staff to increase calm and compassion


Students and staff learn and practice simple but powerful exercises for combatting anxiety, enabling higher achievement in life and school.


  1. Understanding the sources of anxiety, and how it both positively and negatively affects the brain
  2. The secret to converting negative anxiety into positive anxiety
  3. 2 reusable exercises for reducing anxiety and increasing performance

Optimism Boot Camp

Students and staff learn the secret powers of optimism, and exercises for developing positive habits, better relationships, and the #1 scientific exercise for increasing happiness for the long-term


  1. 2 live exercises for increasing long-term optimism
  2. 3 exercises for building healthier relationships
  3. Positive Psychology’s #1 most powerful exercise for building long-term happiness

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