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Chris increases employee performance, productivity, and engagement through positive psychology

Chris delivering High-Performance Happiness to Efes, Turkey’s largest beer distributor

Chris delivering Productivity Through Purpose at the 2018 Arctic Innovation Forum in Kalix, Sweden

Speaking Programs


High-Performance Happiness

Employees learn the science of happiness, 5 life mastery tips from around the world, and a 7-step system for improving their happiness and performance at work.

Takeaways Include:

  • Chris’s 7-step system to help employees increase their own happiness
  • Flow: the mental super-state, and how employees can engage it at work
  • Psychology-based strategies for improving creativity, focus, and communication

Productivity Through Purpose

Leadership teams learns how to cultivate a sense of purpose for a significant boost in employee engagement, retention, and innovation.

Takeaways Include: 

  • The 3-step process for identifying (or creating) your company’s purpose
  • The exact message Millennials and Generation Z need to hear to stop quitting
  • The simple tool for selling your purpose in just 15 minutes per month

Stress-Buster Boot Camp

Employees learn and practice 3 mindfulness techniques tailored for professionals to increase calm, focus, and creativity.

Takeaways Include: 

  • The fascinating science of how mindfulness affects the brain
  • Deliberate breathing: a simple secret used by professional athletes to engage and focus
  • 3 mindfulness techiques for mental boosts at home or the office

Young Employee Mastery

Leadership teams learns 5 secrets and concrete steps for hiring, engaging, and retaining young generations.

Takeaways Include: 

  • How to prevent the top 2 reasons young employees quit
  • 3 positive psychology secrets to increasing young employee performance
  • How to remove the hidden “scarecrow” that repels young job-seekers

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