Chris Butsch is a globally-recognized keynote speaker on the topics of positive psychology, innovation, and working with Millennials

Why Hire Chris for Your Event? 

Chris tackles modern, in-demand topics of intrigue head on, eliciting laughs and empowering audiences with the tools to build better lives and businesses. 

As a speaker coordinator, you can expect professionalism and superb communication prior to your event, and praise and "thank yous" from audiences afterwards. 

What will the audience walk away with?

Chris' talks mix empowerment and entertainment, leaving audiences with the tools and clear action steps to improve their workplaces and their personal lives. His talks are backed by cutting-edge science and insider secrets from the best-run companies in the world. 

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How to Build a Happier, More Fulfilling Life... Using Science!

This talk exposes the wild and shocking recent history of positive psychology, leaving audiences with the tools to build a more fulfilling, prosperous, and productive life starting today.

The Millennial "Experts" are Wrong; HERE's How to Win Millennials

Everyone benefits from an engaged workforce. Drawing from years of research and insider secrets of the winningest Millennial-friendly companies, Chris tears apart the Millennial myth, leaving audiences with methods to implement best practices that win all generations.  

How to Inspire Millennials to Innovate for Your Company

Chris unveils the secrets of unlocking his generation’s creative potential through powerful storytelling and best practices from the most innovative businesses (and the Millennials within). Each story highlights a key ingredient missing in many businesses’ cultures that when implemented, trigger the flow of innovation essential for future success.  

What Others are Saying

"If you're looking for someone to 'decrypt' Millennials for your business or organization, book Chris today."

Jeanne White, State Farm


"With wit, storytelling, and the science to back it up, Chris fully engaged my classroom on a complex and vastly under-reported topic: modern happiness."

Sam Cherribi, Director of the Emory University Development Initiative


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