Finding the right speaker in today's world can be tough.


Chris Butsch teaches audiences how to leverage the tactics of happiness to grow themselves and their employees. 

Why Hire Chris for your event? As both a Millennial and a Happiness Expert, he offers rare perspective and actionable insight on a topic every employee from every generation can benefit from. 

What will the audience walk away with?

  1. The tools and tactics of modern happiness
  2. A clear idea of where energy and motivation stems from, and how to maximize it for work and life
  3. An intro to the practice of meditation
  4. A clear set of actionable steps for increasing happiness, productivity, and creativity




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The Core Principles of Happy Living (Most People Never Learn)

Happiness is the #1 indicator of employee engagement, yet many of us, especially the Millennials struggle with it at home and at work. 

This talk exposes the wild and shocking recent history of positive psychology, leading to the tools and tactics of buliding a fulfilling, prosperous, and productive life starting today. 

(This 60-minute talk can be resized to 20, 30, and 45 minutes). 

Millennial Workplace Demands Lead to Victory for All Generations

Everyone benefits from an engaged workforce. Drawing from years of research and evidence from the winningest Millennial-friendly companies, Chris tears apart the Millennial myth, covering the pre-existing best practices that really win Millennials (and everyone else). 

In this highly entertaining talk, Chris tells tales of workplace victories and missteps. Audiences walk away with 

  1. An appreciation for the preferences of each generation
  2. An understanding of how and why Millennials are perceived as different, entitled, or needy
  3. Action steps for implementing and practicing best practices for maximizing engagement

Unlocking Millennial Innovation

Millennials are the innovative generation, and businesses who harness their creativity win a competitive advantage, boost retention, and stimulate the flow of further fresh ideas.

Many businesses, however, struggle to foster a culture of innovation in the first place, so Millennials end up holding their fresh ideas back or taking them somewhere else.  

In this 60-minute talk (which can be paired down to 30 or 45 minutes), Chris unveils the secrets of unlocking his generation’s creative potential through powerful storytelling and best practices from the most innovative businesses (and the Millennials within). Each story highlights a key ingredient missing in many businesses’ cultures that when implemented, trigger the flow of innovation essential for future success.  

What Others are Saying

"If you're looking for someone to 'decrypt' Millennials for your business or organization, book Chris today."

Jeanne White, State Farm


"With wit, storytelling, and the science to back it up, Chris fully engaged my classroom on a complex and vastly under-reported topic: modern happiness."

Sam Cherribi, Director of the Emory University Development Initiative


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