Chris offers engaging meditation 1-1s and workshops for boosting employee productivity

Meditation, more than anything in my life, was the biggest ingredient in whatever success I’ve had – Ray Dalio

Back in 2016, my journeys brought me to Magnolia Grove Monastery, located in Batesville, Mississippi (you know, where everyone goes to find answers from Vietnamese Buddhists). There, I learned the 2500-year-old art of mindfulness meditation, and I can’t begin to describe its effect on my focus and productivity.

So I began offering meditation workshops to businesses. My 500+ clients have included Atlanta Tech Village, Deloitte, a dozen law firms, and several politicians.

Why Train Your Employees to Meditate?

One day, a small business owner asked me an interesting question. What’s the ROI of your meditation class?

I did the math, factoring in average salaries, proven productivity increases, cost of my class, class duration, etc.

  • If just one employee meditates for 1 week after class, the class has already paid for itself.
  • If three employees begin regular meditation, the ROI is 3000%.
  • If it lowers one employee’s anxiety enough that they don’t quit their job, the ROI is 30,000%.

Scheduling a Meditation 101 Workshop is like multiplying your employees’ productivity hours and having them thank you for it. 

Meditation Workshop Requirements

  • Max class size: 15
  • 300+ sq. ft. carpeted conference room
  • 90 minutes (15 minute setup, 1 hour class, 15 minute takedown)
  • That’s it! I supply everything else.

Workshop Agenda

  • :00-:05 Introductions and Breathing Exercise
  • :05-:10 Science of Mindfulness Meditation
  • :10-:35 Guided Mindfulness Meditation Practice (2 rounds)
  • :35-:40 Science of Focus Meditation
  • :40-:55 Focus Meditation Practice (2 rounds)
  • :55-:60 Q&A

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