Meditation for Busy People Workshop

The interactive, science-backed workshop for busy workplaces

During Meditation for Busy People, globally-renowned Happiness Expert Chris Butsch will lead your employees through the following and more:

The Science of Meditation

Chris takes a secular approach to this ancient, effective practice so he can fully engage a modern audience.

“Zen in 10” Meditation

A science-backed technique for achieving zen levels of focus, calm, and clarity in just 10 breaths.

Focus Meditation

Perfected by the ninja, focus meditation improves presentation skills, sales, and overall performance.

“Meditation for Busy People” is efficient, engaging, and simply essential for the modern workplace.

– Sherri Nadeau, Chief HR Officer, YP

Meditation for Busy People was the perfect addition to our professional development day.

– Kegan Baird, Consultant, Deloitte

Key Info

  • Time and Size: 1 hour, 20 students per class

  • Requirements: carpeted conference or training room

  • Investment = $995 (~$50 per student)

Are you ready for a more calm and focused workforce?