Thousands of Businesses are Taking Advantage of Meditation

Is Yours?

"Chris' meditation training not only lowered my stress but boosted my focus and productivity. His Meditation 101 class is efficient, engaging, and simply essential for the modern workplace"

- Sherri Nadeau, Chief HR Officer, YP


"Chris unhinged my brain. His techniques not only boosted my calm and productivity, but he shares the neuroscience behind why. I highly recommend you take this class."

- Don Stormo, Founder and CEO, MarketPros Cloud


Why Take Meditation 101?

Science overwhelmingly supports the practice of meditation for enhancing creativity, productivity, memory, and focus, and now, you and your team can learn everything you need to reap the benefits of meditation in just one hour. 

Chris has taught hundreds of doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and even state representatives how to perform on a higher level using just minutes of meditation per day. 
During the one hour session, Chris will lead your team through two meditation techniques, the neuroscience behind why they work, proper breathing and posture, and advice for continued practice. 
Maximum Class Size: 50
Requirements: Quiet room with enough space for all participants to sit comfortably cross-legged. 

Private and Small Group lessons are available out of Chris' home in the Buckhead neighborhood by appointment. Please email for scheduling.


Workshop Fees

Special Introductory Rates for New Clients:

Class Size









Up to 15 (Most Popular)



Up to 25 $750 $30
Up to 50 $1295 $26

Discounts Offered for Booking Multiple Classes: 

# of Classes Booked

Total Discount








For booking and other questions, please email Chris at