Speaking Topics

Chris helps leaders create sustainable engagement through high-impact, high-ROI speaking programs. Each of his programs is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Keynotes and Programs

  • Giving HEART: Creating Sustainable Engagement in Your Workforce

    • HEART: five secrets of the world’s most engaged workforces
    • How to implement HEART in a cost-effective, non-disruptive way
    • The REAL reason why top talent quits, and how to prevent it
  • Happiness Hacks: Small Changes for Huge Wins in Joy and Performance at Work

    • How to cut distractions and work happier at your desk
    • An eating secret for maintaining peak energy throughout the day
    • How to create and maintain positive relationships with colleagues
  • Meditation for Busy People: Supercharging your Calm, Focus, and Creativity in Minutes per Day

    • How to charge your calm and focus before presentations and client meetings
    • How to reap the benefits of meditation in 90 seconds per day
    • How to lead teams in brief but powerful destressing exercises
  • MESH: Mental self-care for high-performance

    • MESH: an easy-to-remember, four-part framework for maintaining mental health and performance at school or at work
    • How to increase and sustain creative energy at work
    • How to find meaning and purpose in the most menial tasks

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