Keynote Topic: Happiness = Leadership

4 Steps to Transforming Apathy and Burnout into Peak Performance

The Problem

80 percent of American employees feel high stress at work, and 1 in 5 reports falling asleep at their desk. The high-stress, low energy workplace suffers from high turnover, poor working relationships, and stifled creativity.

The Solution

The MESH Method is a 4-part toolkit for reenergizing a workforce. Science-backed and easy to remember, MESH helps individual employees reverse apathy, conquer stress, and perform at their peak every day.

Based upon his upcoming TEDx talk (January 2019), Chris’s MESH Method is a 4-part system originally designed to help curb teen suicide rates, and now helps working professionals operate at a mental level 10 each day. During this engaging, memorable, and useful program, your audience will learn the science, application, and overwhelming benefits of the MESH Method.

Your Audience Will Discover:

  • Science-backed insight into why we feel low energy at work and the unseen problems it causes

  • 3 Hidden and dangerous causors of stress at work, and how to eliminate them

  • The 4-step MESH Method for conquering disengagement, rediscovering energy, and accelerating growth

  • Applying MESH for improved work-life balance and job satisfaction

Is your audience ready for the MESH Method to change their lives?

Available as a:

  • Tailored Keynote

  • General Session

  • Half-Day Workshop

Past Clients Have Called it:

  • MESH: The Magic Spell to Defeating Depression