Program Topic: Happiness = Surging Sales

Positive Psychology Secrets to Client Relations (that the Other Guys Won’t Have)

The Problem

Sales leadership see Training and Development as their #1 obstacle. Young employees aren’t responding well to existing systems and retention is plummeting.

The Solution

Happy sales teams sell up to 88% more, are half as likely to quit, and build significantly stronger relationships with leads and clients.

During his keynote tailored for sales teams, Chris will train attendees in how happiness makes more sales, not the other way around. Sales leaders and employees alike with be equipped with a simple psychological toolkit for accelerating growth and closing deals. 

Your Audience Will Gain:

  • The #1 reason sales fall through (it’s not price or product...)

  • Insight into why happiness generates sales, not the other way around

  • Building a value framwork for hearing "YES" way more often

  • Optimism 101: why optimists sell 88 percent more, and how to be one

  • Psychology-based scripts, templates, and tools increased sales

  • The Golden Rule for enhanced client relationships

Available as a:

  • Tailored Keynote

  • General Session

  • Half-Day Workshop