Program Topic: Happiness = Engagement

Surprisingly Practical Strategies for Supercharging Engagement at Work

The Problem

Nearly two-thirds of employess are disengaged at work. Unhappy employees are costing American employers $550 billion in lost productivity. 

The Solution

Happy employees are 31% more productive, make 37% more sales, are 300% more creative, take fewer sick days, and are immeasurably more engaged.

Right now, there are horrible, hairy beasts terrorizing your office called Workplace Werewolves. Unlike traditional monsters, workplace werewolves attack by draining energy, engagement, and teamwork until turnover skyrockets. 

Caffeine, free lunches, and other common office perks won’t stop them. So what can stop a werewolf? 

In his signature program, Chris Butsch will arm your audience with silver bullets for rediscovering focus, re-engaging, and finding fulfillment, altogether building a workplace they’ll never want to leave. 

Attendees Gain

  • Insight into the power of happiness at work

  • 5 science-backed activities for boosting happiness and productivity throughout the workday

  • The simple secret to IMMENSELY better Monday mornings

  • The basics of better workplace relationships

  • Positive psychology secrets for becoming more promotable

Available as a:

  • Tailored Keynote for Leaders, Teams, or Mixed

  • General Session

  • Half-Day Workshop

Past Clients Have Called it:

  • How to be Happy Before You’re 30

  • Maintaining a Positive Culture in a Time of Uncertainty

  • The Science and Secrets of a Passionate, Fulfilling Life