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Learn Exactly What to Say and Do to Win Millennials

Chris with Colman Deegan, CEO, Vodafone Turkey

Become a Master of Millennials Before Lunch

From small business owners to Fortune 500 CEOs, Chris works 1-on-1 with business leaders worldwide to demistify the Millennial working generation. Specializing in tactics of the “Millennial Magnet” companies, Chris exclusively shares advice that’s easily implementable within a week, and free-or-nearly-free.

  • How to run a free, 1-hour “Millennial Miracle Meeting” that will significantly boost Millennial retention for the next year
  • The 2-minute daily exercise to boost Millennial productivity and retention by up to 50%
  • and more…

Chris doesn’t believe in 6-to-18-month engagements, where consultants overcharge for diluted advice. He’d like to share his best tips ASAP at minimal cost, so you can run a better business within hours.

Millennial Recruitment Coaching: Let Chris share the secrets to becoming magnetic to Millennials, regardless of your industry, and in 15 minutes fix the #1 error causing top-talent Millennials to skip your business.

Millennial Retention Coaching: Let Chris teach you exactly how CEOs of “Magnet” companies spend 20 minutes per month boosting their retention and productivity rates by 25%. Learn how to address the #1 reason Millennials quit, and how to spend 15 minutes in your next meeting preventing it for the next year.

Millennial Productivity Coaching: Let Chris teach you the exact system for how “Magnet” companies deliver feedback to Millennials in under 2 minutes. Learn 3 new styles of meeting proven to boost engagement and efficiency.

Storytelling and Speechwriting Coaching: Master the art of effective storytelling; an infinitely valuable tool for winning Millennial clients and employees.

“Chris was worth every penny”

– Mike Kipniss, The Piedmont Group of Atlanta LLC., Advisors at MassMutual

Are You Ready to Rock Millennials?