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What is International Day of Happiness?

I’ve done some cool stuff in my life, but I’ve never stepped in front of the UN General Assembly and proposed a new global holiday. My buddy Jayme has, though. Back in 2011, he authored UN resolution 66/281, “International Day of Happiness”, a holiday to commemorate and drive forward a worldwide movement towards a happier […]


France’s New Happiness Law is Genius

If you’re a parent, you may be concerned that your child is using their phone too much in school. After all, Fortnite is like children’s cocaine, and texting is stunting social skills. Thankfully, French parents at least can breathe a sigh of relief, because President Macron has just banned smartphones in school. While a general […]


1 Simple Email Every Manager Should Send Monday Morning

When asked “how can I get my young employees to work harder?” I carefully craft my answer using positive psychology, workplace research, and sometimes, my own past experience. When did I work the hardest, and why? It wasn’t after a paycheck, or a raise, or even my promotion. Instead, it was after my manager stood up in […]


The #1 Scary “Fact” About Millennials is Hilarous

Even in 2018, there’s a popular statistic thrown around about my generation that needs immediate quashing. Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 Sounds too scary to be believed, doesn’t it? Well, here it is in Forbes, Inc., Deloitte’s Millennial Survey, and Forbes again. The authors reference a 2014 Governance Studies at Brookings which states the following (without […]