8 Reasons to Hire Chris Butsch to Infuse Happiness into your Workplace or Conference

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re seeking a knockout speaker for your next event, summit, or meeting. You have options. But fewer than 5 percent of speakers connect with their audiences and leave an impact. 

Here are 8 reasons why Chris is one of them, and why his clients hire him again and again.

  • You want a thoroughly interactive and enjoyable program, not a boring talk about being positive.

    Chris likes to say “if after five minutes they still think of me as a speaker and not a person, I’ve already failed.” To ensure deep connection and high engagement, Chris leverages emotional storytelling and follows each science-backed insight with an activity. Your audience will meditate, get on their feet, laugh, even pull out their smartphones for one of Chris’s favorite “Happiness Hacks.”

  • You need to hear something fresh and exciting, not more of the same old same old that puts your people to sleep.

    Applied positive psychology is the new frontier of human potential, and the fastest-growing solution to the worldwide crisis of workplace disengagement. Leaders and employees alike will benefit from Chris’s Happiness Hacks, MESH Method, and other tools they’ve never seen before, but can use forever.

  • You need a powerful, leading voice, not a phony "wellness expert."

    Quitting your job and self-publishing a book on Amazon does not make you an expert (these amateur speakers often peddle misinformation and should be avoided). Publishing a true best-seller, researching in 31 countries, performing a TEDx talk, and consulting 1-1 with Fortune 500 CEOs does make you an expert. Who would you rather put on your stage?

  • Forget inspirational or motivational, you need usable.

    Many speakers only peddle temporary highs, but you need RESULTS for your attendees or employees. Results are what Chris delivers, through memorable and usable positive psychology “life hacks” for improving productivity, work relationships, and more.

  • You want a dependable professional who will deliver, rain or shine.

    In October 2017, Turkey canceled visa applications from the US, preventing dozens of Americans and four scheduled speakers from attending the 2017 Global CIO Summit. Chris, however, had secured a visa months in advance and was the only American able to deliver as promised. His opening keynote “set the stage for a positive, high-energy conference and remained the subject of discussion long after Chris left the stage.” It’s this organization, professionalism and dedication that he’ll bring to YOUR event.

  • You want a tailored experience that couldn’t be delivered anywhere else.

    Audiences can instantly tell when a highly-paid speaker is just regurgitating the same content from their last engagement (maybe they changed the logo on the PowerPoint). Chris limits the number of engagements he accepts per year so he can carefully study YOUR company and YOUR audience, tailoring up to 95% of his content for maximum impact.

  • You want someone who is a pleasure to work with, and MAKES YOU LOOK GOOD.

    In May 2018, Chris took 4 flights and 29 hours to reach Kalix, Sweden for the 2018 Arctic Innovation Forum. 10 hours later, he delivered Next Gen Mastery to a standing ovation and a handshake from the mayor, who told the lead organizer “Chris has inspired me to do a better job.” Easygoing, life-loving, and filled with passion, Chris is the kind of you could spend the whole day talking to, and we’re excited to have him back.”

  • You want a speaker who sounds like (a young, slightly better looking) Morgan Freeman.

    As a recent attendee noted, “I loved being in Chris’s presence. He’s truly gifted with a marvelous, captivating voice. I noticed the people around me hanging on every word.” Often solicited for voiceover work, Chris has been called “The Millennial Morgan Freeman.” Can you imagine your audiences falling asleep to someone like that?