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Chris helps organizations slash disengagement and turnover by keeping their best people happy.

“A Must-Read” – The Performance Management Institute

Unhappy employees are expensive.

Unhappy employees cost US employers $550 billion each year (Gallup).

Clients Tend to Hire Chris to Address the Challenges of:

Unsustainable Turnover

51% of currently employed adults are searching for new jobs. Stop the bleeding – you can’t afford to lose another tenured employee or promotable Millennial to the competition.

Money-Wasting Disengagement

Unhappy employees are costing US employers $550 billion per year. How much is disengagement costing you or your members? Chris isn’t free, but implementing his advice usually is.

Low Energy and Morale

1 in 5 employees admits to sleeping at work, and 95 percent of HR leaders agree that burnout has “reached epidemic proportions”. Chris’s positive psychology toolkit is proven to reduce sick days and reenergize productivity.

Happy Clients

Featured in

“I hired Chris to deliver the opening keynote at the 2nd annual Global CIO Summit in Istanbul in October 2017. We were really pleased with how professional and passionate he was. By mixing psychology, data, and moving storytelling, he truly connected with our global audience and left us with clear next steps to creating a happier workforce. True to his brand, he set the stage for a positive, high-energy conference, and remained the subject of discussion long after he left the stage. I’m unsurprised that several of our attendees hired him for follow-up talks at their companies, including Fortune 500s. Chris is the kind of guy you could spend the day talking to, and we’re excited to have him back.”

Ferhat DemirOrganizer, Global CIO Summit

“The single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce”

Reasons Clients Book Chris:

Fresh Topic

Positive psychology is the new frontier of human potential, and the fastest-growing solution to the worldwide crisis of workplace disengagement.

Immediate Results

Attendees are equipped with tools for improved calm, creativity, energy, leadership, relationships, and more that they can begin using same-day.

Effortless collaboration

Responsive and easy to work with, Chris is relentlessly devoted to helping you achieve YOUR meeting and event goals.