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I received very positive feedback from top management about Chris’s content and authenticity. We’ll be inviting him back!

– Levent Gemici, Director of Business Development, Vodafone


Millennial Keynote Speaker Chris Butsch

First off, thank you for visiting my speaking page. Speaking to help people is my #1 passion, even before writing, so I’m thrilled that you’re here.

I deliver keynotes where afterwards the CEO runs up and kisses me on the cheek. Yes, this has happened, and it’s become my goal for every speech since!

The reason my speeches win audiences is because I positively load them with storytelling, compelling data, and action steps. I can’t stand when speakers speak at 10,000 feet, leaving you inspired, but unsure what to do next. This is why my programs leave audiences inspired and equipped with crystal clear next steps for success.

Current Programs

9 Secrets to Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining Millennials and Gen Z

  • Chris’s top-selling program! Learn exactly how the world’s top companies are attracting, engaging, and retaining employees under 30 better than anyone else. With a network of 1000+ Millennial advisors in these companies, Chris collects proven methods you won’t learn anywhere else about understanding young generations as employees and consumers. Chris shares these secrets, and exact steps for implementation, in this engaging, actionable, and popular program.
  • Top 3 Audience Takeaways: 
    • How to tweak your online presence in 1 hour for a 20 percent boost in Millennial recruitment
    • The top 2 reasons employees under 30 quit, and how to “plug” them this week
    • The unique mentoring formula that creates astronomical young employee growth

How to Inspire Millennials to Innovate for You

  • Learn exact ways the world’s top leaders inspire their youngest employees. Without innovation from the next generation of workers, companies will lose their competitive edge; so how do you harness the entrepreneurial spirit of the Millennials? Sharing secrets of the Forbes 30 Under 30 and the most innovative companies in the world, Chris shares a precise, step-by-step process for converting a raw Millennial workforce into a driven, innovating machine.
  • Top 3 Audience Takeaways:
    • The formula for how the world’s top leaders inspire their workforce in 15 minutes a month
    • 10 common phrases never to say to a Millennial employee
    • A 3-step process for inspiring, collecting, and implementing your Millennials’ best ideas

 The “Secret Sauce” to Delivering Feedback to Millennials and Gen Z

  • Learn the unique formula for how the world’s top companies deliver feedback to young employees for astronomical growth. Millennials crave feedback, but poorly-constructed feedback alone has led to 28% of Millennials searching for a new job. Well-constructed feedback, on the other hand. can improve Millennial performance and retention by 50%. In this program, Chris deconstructs the unique system the world’s top companies use to grow Millennials into high-performers.
  • Top 3 Audience Takeaways:
    • A deep understanding of why Millennials and Generation Z crave feedback
    • Why and how the world’s top companies have abandoned the Performance Review
    • A better system for delivering feedback to young employees in 90 seconds

The Science and Secrets of a Passionate, Fulfilling Life

  • Inspired by Chris’ best-selling book and Yale’s most popular class of all time, Psychology and the Good Life, Chris’ signature “Happiness Class” is full of fascinating science, history, hilarious anecdotes from around the world, and actionable advice. Happy employees are 15% more productive and 20% less likely to quit, so if Chris’ speech convinces just 1 employee to stay, the talk has paid for itself 10 times over.
  • Top 3 Audience Takeaways:
    • A 7-pillar system for measuring and improving one’s happiness
    • The basics of meditating for improved focus, creativity, and productivity
    • Tips on improved sleep, fitness, and eating habits for increased joy and vitality

Preparing Millennials to be Highly-Effective Leaders

  • Train your young employees to become your next wave of highly-effective leaders and managers. Inspired by the superb leadership of a Chief Petty Officer on a nuclear submarine, this unique program, developed in conjunction with The Submarine Way, prepares Millennials with “mission-critical” leadership skills.
  • Top 3 Audience Takeaways
    • How to unify a team under a banner of mission and purpose
    • How to manage older generations and the upcoming Generation Z
    • How to build a “crew-munity” of happy, engaged employees
  • Please direct inquiries about this specific program to Deb Fortin of The Submarine Way:

Media from Recent Talks

Internal poster created by Anadolu Efes, a Turkish beer company, to promote my happiness keynote


Delivering said keynote in a movie theater in Istanbul, Turkey


Vodafone’s top management team after “These Damn Millennials” keynote


Delivering a guest lecture on Millennial psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA


Sharing my journey and recent discoveries on Women’s Broadcast Television Network


Delivering a happiness speech in “uwabaki” slippers to Jambo International in Tokyo, Japan


Selfie skills are a work-in-progress


Teaching the Hebrew Order of David International how to remove their “digital scarecrows” that scares off Millennials from businesses like theirs


Demistifying Millennials for the VISTAGE Women’s Group