Announcing My New Book Project!

These Damn Millennials: 8 Ways to Maximize Millennial Recruitment, Retention, and Productivity in 8 Days

After The Millennial’s Guide to Making Happiness came out, I noticed something strange. For every copy I sold to a Millennial, I sold about 5 to Baby Boomers. Why would the Woodstock Generation be reading my book about happiness for Under-30s? 

“It’s like Millennials for Dummies,” one told me. One executive stole her daughter’s copy off of her nightstand. “I deal with Millennials at home and at work, and this book demistifies them.”

Inspired by their feedback, I shifting my research focus to happiness in the workplace. I soon discovered that a significant percentage of my fellow Millennials feel unhappy at work. This creates issues for their Baby Boomer managers, like low productivity and staggering turnover. 

Meanwhile, the media propogates Boomer vs. Millennial friction by targeting those affected with desperate clickbait like this CNBC article, which, using a 1000-person Bank of America survey as evidence, concludes that Millennials have “bad hygiene” and are thus “unhirable.”

Futher propogating the issue is the recent tidal wave of “Millennial Workplace Experts.” With a handful of exceptions, most vend vague advice, diluted over five, even six-figure engagements lasting up to a year. Most are profiteers; they don’t offer guaranteed results because they don’t deliver them.

So if you’re a business owner trying to attract Millennials, you’re torn between sensationalized media rhetoric and overpriced, ineffectual advice. It’s a mess.

To help both the Millennials and the Boomers in the workplace, I set out on this project with two goals:

  1. Leveraging my network of 1000+ Millennial “spies” in hundreds of Fortune 500s and other businesses, identify which best practices already work with Millennials and why.
  2. Identify ways for business owners to immediately implement these best practices for free-or-nearly-free.

The desired outcome for the reader is that they can build a workplace, for no out-of-pocket cost, that naturally attracts, retains, and maximizes Millennials, so everyone goes to work happier.

The book is tentatively titled These Damn Millennials: 8 Ways to Maximize Millennial Recruitment, Retention, and Productivity in 8 Days. I’m drafting it as we speak, and have begun discussions with publishers with a targeted Q4 2018 release.

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