TO MY KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN: The Millennial's Guide to Making Happiness Volume I

The keys to happiness are within your grasp! This book will lead you towards...

  • Why We're So Unhappy

    How did America become so unhappy? What is The American Dream, and what does the modern American Dream mean to Millennials from Siberia, Belize, and Kenya? What's the secret weapon of the happiest countries in the world?

  • The Meaning of "True Happiness"

    What epiphany did I have while sitting in a clandestine sweat lodge in East Atlanta? What's the "history" of happiness? What stunted happiness research for 30 years? How did positive psychologist "rebels" destroy this "Death Star" of unhappiness theories?

  • Say "Bon Voyage" to Pleasure Island

    How are our favorite pleasures (tv, online) affecting our happiness? What are the Tipsy Prime and sensory-pecific satiety? What stupidly simple secret are Okinawans using to live past 100? How can we retool our pleasures to build long-term happiness?

  • Sleep Leads to More Happiness

    Why do we sleep? How did we become the most sleep-deprived generation in history? What's the optimal sleep schedule for a work hard/play hard lifestyle? How does exercise make both tangible and intangible life goals easier to achieve?

  • Meditation: Building a Better Brain

    Why are the world's happiest and most successful people sitting cross-legged in silence every day? What discovery surprised researchers from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale? What techniques can we use to train different parts of the brain?

  • Mindfulness: Moment-to-Moment Happiness

    How can we focus like Zen masters? Why does focusing make us happy? What has science learned about "getting in the zone," and how can we get there consistently? Why did the monks of Magnolia Grove Monastery call me "Brother Terminator"?

  • The Millennial's Guide to Happiness: Volume II

    Volume II is actually already completed! If Volume I is successful, I'll Kickstart Volume II next year. Here's what to expect in Volume II! Being Social, Compassion and Altruism, Learning and Passion, Gratitude, Wealth and Jobs and Love! Thanks for reading! 

  • 5 Things to be Grateful For TODAY!

    1) We have clean water. 2) We have the freedom to travel. 3) We have health care. 4) We have safe roads. 5) We can be with our loved ones whenever we want. Then, imagine your life without ANY of those 5 things, and slowly grant them back to yourself.

  • Your Own Happiness Revolution!

    Your happiness is the most fundamental aspect of your well-being. The time has come in your life to discover the true meaning of happiness and find out that you too can be happy for the duration of your life. Let's get started!