Disengagement in the workplace and classroom is at an all-time high. Depression is on the rise.

A former depressed student and then corporate workaholic, Chris decided to dedicate his career to studying positive psychology: the science of happiness, well-being, and mental health.

He now writes and speaks worldwide, helping students and employees reach peak mental performance and build happier lives.

Through his unique programming, Chris delivers the following results:

  • For Businesses:
    • Increased retention, especially among Millennial and Gen Z employees
    • Increased sales
    • Increased productivity, with a decrease in stress and anxiety
    • Improved employee confidence
    • Improved work relationships
  • For Schools:
    • Decreased absences
    • Improved student-teacher relations
    • Improved focus
    • Improved confidence
    • Improved academic performance

Don’t you want to make a positive shape the future of your organization and make a lasting impact?

Be the hero who found Chris Butsch at your organization and contact Kerry at kk@rokkspeakers.com to learn if Chris is available for your upcoming event.